Staff Toy Reviews

MyStim Tickling Truman

This is a rechargeable silicone dildo with e-stim and vibration, and multiple patterns and settings. 


Review from Alexis Bishop, Excitement Staff Member

"The most fun I had with this was when it was used on me without knowing what the settings were, that way I got to react without prompting. I think this was the best way to explore this toy. I enjoyed play with the vibration with the estim and the estim alone (especially the pulsing setting with increases). It seemed to "warm" everything inside and made sex afterward even more sensitive and enjoyable. The estim can get intense. I didn't experience any actual pain (maybe because of my high threshold) but definitely felt the pulsing zaps. Note: once your g-spot is highly engaged, it can become too sensitive. I actually jumped a bit and ended up pushing the thing out! When you add the vibration with the estim, it is a whole new experience. It resulting in multiple orgasms. I must admit I was excited and somewhat nervous to try this toy. I am completely satisfied with how it performed! It also comes in a nice case for easy storage. Now, add the Goldfather conducting gel, and you have a whole new experience! Using the gel with the estim, OH MY GOD!!! YES!!!!! 


My one big complaint is that there is no way to preset or know what settings you are on for the combination that best suits you. It would be nice to have display of some sort to let you know where you are for the vibrations and estim including the intensity of the estim. I ended up writing it down to know how many clicks it takes for each for the settings I liked best. The other thing that could be better is for the unit to stimulate without needing to be in full in, it only works when inserted or gripped."


Review from Anonymous, Excitement Staff Member

"Love the possibilities this toy has to offer with 2 or more people. I really like the idea of two toys in one and it's something I've never tried or even knew of before. I would have loved to try this with another person involved, but as a self-masturbator it just didn't seem to be a good fit for me.


I thought this toy would be a great item to try on myself but it really is meant for two or more. It's hard to get in a kinky mood to be shocked by yourself! There's also a few buttons and lights to help you with different modes but kinda hard to see with it half in/out of your body." 



Satisfyer Pro 2 Rechargeable Silicone Stimulator Waterproof

Clitoral Stimulator


Review from Aria, Excitement Staff Member

"I think for the price this is a good product to try and change things up a bit. The design alone is very sleek and pretty. It looks elegant. It's not complicated at all and easy to use. Also easy to change intensity levels and turn on or off. It is very easy to clean. I LOVE that this is waterproof. The intensity is better under water for me personally. It was more intense under water, I felt the suction a lot more. Don't get me wrong this toy did in fact deliver multiple orgasms but under water is where its at:)


Personally a little too loud for my taste, it does get quieter under water and once it is suctioned. I can not really tell the difference between the levels of intensity. I mean there is a difference but very slight change in feeling. I felt the vibration more than the suction at times. I felt myself constantly changing the position of the toy to try and feel the most out of it. I do like it but it didn't blow my hair back with the suction."


Review from Sharin' Joy, Excitement Staff Member

"I love the suction feeling, especially in the water. It can turn my libido WAY up which is an amazing thing for foreplay. My girlfriend found that starting with this toy warmed her up so well that she had multiple orgasms later in play and she attributed it to the build up from this suction toy. Underwater, it becomes 2-3x as strong as out of water. It's the best thing to take the clit from 0-60 in a matter of seconds. The battery charge lasts a LONG time! Got at least 5-7 uses out of first charge.


Mine has water sloshing around inside after using it in the tub even though it's supposed to be fully waterproof. I fear mold. I hate the fact that I can't tell the difference in levels and don't know if I'm turning it up or down. I wish it was much quieter than it is. Hard to use discreetly with roommates. I wish the different tips came with the toy so I could figure out if other tips work better for me or not. I'd love to see the company come out with an improved version that fixes some of these issues. I think it's on the verge of being an amazing toy but there are some big issues that hold me back from LOVING it."


Review from Janee' Nyx, Excitement Staff Member

"I won't go in to a long tangent about this product, as I feel some of it would just be plain redundant after my Womanizer Deluxe review. 

I will say this: for the price of the Satisfyer PRO 2 ($99.95), it is a great toy that offered the same orgasms as the Womanizer Deluxe ($219.95). However the visual quality of the PRO 2 is lesser quality. You simply know you're holding a hunk of ABS plastic in your hand. You just feel fancy as f*ck holding the Womanizer Deluxe between your quivering thighs( Womanizer Deluxe feels like it has a silicone velvet coating to it. Imagine how the Sensuelle Point feels). The PRO 2 does have a nice, removable silicone head, I'd say a little bit larger than the Womanizer Deluxe. Nice shape as well. I think you could also get away with leaving the PRO 2 out and not worry about your friends or family gasping after stumbling upon your good times. They'd probably think, shoo! You fancy with your high tech black head remover!
This toy claims to have 11 programs, it does not. However, personally I find that you don't really need the extra levels. It's strong enough right off the bat. Again, that's a personal experience, people who love strong toys may feel otherwise.
I did orgasm very quickly with the PRO 2. Same time frame as the Womanizer Deluxe. I will give the PRO 2 this, it is completely water submergible and works best under water. The Womanizer Deluxe is a dainty queen who does not like to get wet.
I think the Satisfyer PRO 2 is a great deal, you still have your toe curling orgasms, and you can afford to pay your bills afterwards!


My gripe with this toy is definitely the fact that they claim to have 11 functions. Big fat lies. I'd say I clicked through, and noticed only slight variation in pulsations. Maybe 3 clicks, slight increase. Though as I said above: I didn't need those additional levels (the Satisfyer PRO 2 feels like the Womanizer Deluxe on level 3 upon turning the toy on. I didn't make it past level 4 on the Womanizer Deluxe- way too intense). I orgasmed just fine, it was great! Though still offering false claims, and if there are not 11 functions, maybe knock the price down just a bit?
Also, if you live with others: this toy is loud. People will definitely know that you are going to O-town."


 Review from Kinky Barbie, Excitement Staff Member

"I love that this toy is so unique and sucks on the clit rather than that typical vibrator that you eventually become use to, it's nice to have this change. This toy would have def been a great toy for me if I had not already used the Womanizer Pro first just because of the sensation it gives. 


After using the Womanizer Pro then switching to the is toy felt lower than the low setting all the way on the high one."


Review from Anonymous, Excitement Staff Member

"There's nothing I can personally say I LOVE about this item. I for sure love the size and it's a great toy to suggest to customers looking for clitoral play, but it just doesn't work for me.


I mostly just didn't gain any pleasure from it. I didn't get any of the "satisfaction" that I had heard, or that it advertises, and because of this, I was extremely disappointed."



b-Vibe Rimming Remote Anal Plug

Vibrating and rotating bead anal plug with wireless remote control 


Review from Anonymous, Excitement Staff Member

"I am not much of a toy kinda guy. This is one of the first toys I have actually ever purchased. I love the fact I can use this by myself, with the remote, and with a partner. I love the vibrating tip, and the beads in the shaft. This has definitely made me want to look at other toys! Has a great storage case that's made of plastic, so it can be discreetly stored away.


Compared to the plug portion, the shaft is kind of small."


Vedo Cowboy

A sleek premium silicone prostate vibe with two powerful motors.


Review from Curious Indulgence, Excitement Staff Member

"I really enjoyed my experiences with the Cowboy. The sleek design and premium silicone makes for a smooth non threatening toy which makes for comfortable penetration. The remote is a super handy feature and I love how the settings build in intensity especially building to and during climax. .


I really only have two negatives about this toy. The remote does work up to ten feet but once the toy was inserted in my backside I had to hold and use the remote next to my hip for it to work. Also the tapered are between the prostate massager and the perineum is a little long. It has a tendency to slip out a little bit and is difficult to keep the perineum vibe snug to the body.."


Fleshlight Girls - Tori Black

Amazing male masturbation toy. 


Review from Master Koi, Excitement Staff Member

"The ability to easily adjust the air pressure to make it feel tighter or loser while using it quickly became my favorite feature of this product. The inner texture is amazing and the best part is if I ever wanted to change the texture I can just buy a new inner sleeves and they have ones for almost everyone.


Personally, I wish the product would come a little smaller just for storage reasons but that would be my only issue with this amazing product"