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JimmyJane Form 2

The JimmyJane Form 2 may look strangely like a tooth, but this little nugget packs a whallop of power into two tiny ears. The design was inspired by a pair of headphones to create "in-stereo vibration" for the clit. Hold it against your chest and feel the vibrations rumble through your entire upper torso. The button closest to the two ears is the + speed increase, right below that (in the middle) is the - decrease and the bottom button is for changing the functions. It has 4 functions/vibe patterns and 5 levels of power. Turn it on by pressing the + and keep pressing that button to feel the intensity of it's power levels. Somewhere between level 2-3 seems to be the magic spot for most people. We recommend using it to massage the labia (where the legs of the clitoris reside) and then as the excitement peaks, give it a 90 degree turn to contact directly with the clitoral head and hood for max intensity. This is a great toy for those that love power, want something rechargeable, fully waterproof and travel-friendly (it has a travel lock and a docking station!).


Find this in the JimmyJane section

or ask a staff member to show you where it is.

Doc Johnson Strap-On Harnesses & Dongs

The Doc has re-engineered the strap-on harness, dong and many more accessories through their Vac-U-Lock line. Most typical harnesses rely on the traditional flared/suction cup base for a dildo/dong connected to a harness via rubber ring, which could come loose during its intended action, detaching the dildo from the wearer and ruining everyone's sexy times. Instead, Vac-U-Lock is built around a special plug system in the center of the dildo that firmly affixes to the wearer's Vac-U-Lock compatible harness or accessory, secured further by a special powder for extra grip. We know, it sounds complicated and like a lot of pieces to consider, but ask any of our staff members to show you how it works and why the Vac-U-Lock system gives a better, firmer, more secure grasp on the toy (from the inside, no less) than other options. Look for packaging featuring the Vac-U-Lock logo and call a staff member over to show you how it assembles together and what other fun attachments are available.

Prices Vary

Find this in the Strap-Ons and Dildos/Dongs section. Ask a staff member to demo the assembly for you.

Sensuelle Rechargeable Vibrators

Think this is like any other bullet vibe? Think again! This rechargable extra-big bullet is mega-powered with 20 different functions for clitoral-stimulation lovers, simple easy to use design (single button on the bottom cycles through the levels, press and hold to turn off), a docking station and a great 1-Year Warranty to back it up. Plus, it's silicone covered and affordable given the power and features it packs into a tiny package. Be sure to check out some of our other favorites from Sensuelle including the tiny Joie bullet (with nearly as much power as the point, it fits great into any standard bullet sleeve or even into a pair of panties!), the c-rings, remote control toys and G-spot/P-spot toys with a motorized tip for extra sensation.


Find this in the Sensuelle section or ask a staff member to show you.

The Bodywand

You may have seen similar body massagers on Sex and the City or in various adult films, and there are many different models of this iconic design on the market, but we carry the Bodywand brand because it stands out against other models for it's tried and true quality and choice of features/designs. The large, plug-in Bodywand Original is hands-down the STRONGEST vibrator we carry and unlike other brands with only low and high options, the Bodywand Original has a wheel to control the power level gradually. Go ahead, turn it on and crank it up. It's the jack-hammering power tool of adult toys (and hey, it makes a great muscle massager for your shoulders/back too!). Many folks prefer the smaller, quieter, but still plenty powerful Midnight Bodywand in Black. This one is also a plug-in model, so you get a level of intensity that batteries or rechargeable toys just can't match. Be sure to check out our Bodywand kits like the 360 degree spinning Bodywand, the Honeymoon set, the Midnight Bed Spreader Kit, the Bathtime set and all of the attachments that turn this dome headed massager into an insertable rabbit-style or g-spot vibe, or even a men's stroker. Needless to say, we love this brand and think everyone should own a Bodywand.

Prices Vary

Find this in the Bodywand section. Ask a staff member to show you all of the bodywand items including the kits and attachments which may be in other areas of the store.

Vedo Silicone Toys

We love to recommend things on the VeDO wall because they have so many different shapes and styles of toys, all made with wonderful silicone materials and backed by a 1-year warranty. If you've never owned a vibrator before, VeDO is a great place to start. These items are perfect for introducing toys into a relationship without scaring your partner off of toys since they are nearly all non-phallic in shape, come in fun color options and sizes, and feature nice little quiet vibrations and patterns, plus easy, single button functionality (press to cycle through functions, press and hold to turn off). The thing we love most about VeDO? They're so affordable, especially for all of the functions and features included!

Prices vary

Find VeDO items on our VeDO wall, and you might discover a few scattered in other places too like the Anal section or couples-friendly items. Ask a staff member to put batteries in any VeDO toy to demo it for you!

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