Air Pulsation Toys

Air pulsation or Pleasure Air products are seriously changing the game when it comes to clitoral stimulation. They’re offering us a new, totally unique and effective experience. If you haven’t hopped on the wave yet … get on it. Here I’ll break down what they are and all of your wonderful options.


What is an Air Pulsation toy?


Pleasure Air products are a unique type of clitoral stimulation toy. They come in a few different shapes but always have a round opening that encompasses the clitoris and indirectly stimulates it using air pulsations.


What does it feel like?


Some people describe the sensation as

-       Similar to oral stimulation

-       Suction


My personal opinion? It is none of the above. Pleasure air feels like a totally unique experience. It is unlike vibration or penetration. It is indirect, “touchless” stimulation of the clitoris. It’s sort of like a stroking, pulsating sensation to the clitoris. Because it is somewhat indirect - it's not too much or too intense - making it helpful for people who often find themselves overwhelmed with different sensations.


Oh - and it’s also amazing! These toys have been found to be extremely helpful for people who have difficulty with orgasm.


TIP: some people find it difficult to get the hang of at first. I think this is because not everyone is super familiar with the location, shape and size of their clitoris. You have to line up the opening of the toy with your clitoris in order to feel the full sensation. If you’re having trouble try locating your clitoris with your fingers before lining up the toy.


Air Pulsation Toys!




Womanizer is a higher end brand. They’ve made a huge name for themselves when it comes to perfecting the air pulsation model. I’ll break down the Womanizer line that we carry..




     Least expensive




     4 intensity levels








     6 intensity levels




     Includes a cover for toy - ideal for travel


     Two different sized interchangeable heads to fit different sized clitorises




     Larger body - ergonomic handle


     8 intensity levels




     Battery life of up to 4 hours




     Larger body - ergonomic handle


     12 intensity levels




     Battery life of up to 4 hours


     “Autopilot” mode - the toy will randomly switch between settings to keep you on your toes


     “Smart silence technology” means the toy will only turn on upon contact with skin.




     Larger body - with a shaft extending out from the toy shaped to stimulate the Gspot while the pleasure air tip stimulates the clitoris


     12 intensity levels of pleasure air - 10 vibration levels of shaft




     “Smart Silence”


Watch the video below to see how it works.




Satisfyer air pulsation toys are a little less expensive and really popular with our customers. Here are the options we carry!


One Night Stand




     Disposable - 35 minutes of run time


     Ideal for someone who is unsure if they will enjoy air pulsation!


Pro Traveler


     Small and includes case - ideal for travel


     11 settings




Satisfyer 2


     Larger, ergonomic handle


     11 settings




Pro 2


     Larger handle


     Longer distance from motor to tip, making the levels less intense


     11 settings


     Battery operated


Watch the video below to see how it works.




WeVibe has recently come out with their own version of an air pulsation toy and we are so excited about it to say the least… WeVibe is one of our favorite brands here at Excitement. They always deliver top quality and innovation! This brands coolest feature is their smartphone app! That’s right.. With most WeVibe toys you have the capability of remotely controlling the toy with your phone - from anywhere in the world! That is no exception with their air pulsation toy called the Melt…




     Ergonomic handle


     12 intensity levels




     App capable




Watch the video below to see how it works.


It is my firm belief that everyone with a clitoris should try out an air pulsation toy. Whether you want to try a new sensation, have trouble reaching orgasm, or just want to upgrade your toy collection.. Come play with some of our demos in the store and take one of these many options for a spin!