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Pleasure isn't cancelled

 These unprecedented times have in many ways put a hold on our daily lives and interactions. Many of us are isolating and have been encouraged to practice social distancing leaving us away from work and social events. This situation is not only leaving us with a whole lot of emotions to process, but a new mass amount of free time on our hands. Whether you’re self isolating or quarantined, sex/masturbation is something that is being used to help our boredom, to help distract us, and to help manage our stress.


Written by Jacee Niblett

What kind of toys can we use together?

One of the most common questions I get asked is “which toys can we use together?”. My typical answer is “well.. All of them!”. While literally any toy can be incorporated somehow into sex with a partner, there are some toys or combinations of toys that are a little more couples friendly. I personally try to make a game out of trying each new toy I get with my partner to see how combinations of sensations differ!





Written by Jacee Niblett

Health and Wellness

All the different facets of our lives influence our health and overall wellness. Our sex lives are interconnected with our happiness, our physical health, and our mental health! For starters, orgasms provide a number of different health benefits including stress relief, pain relief, increase of blood flow, and mood-lifting endorphins. The interconnectedness of sex and wellness drove Excitement to open a carefully curated Health and Wellness section in our stores.



Written by Jacee Niblett

Valentine's Day!

Relationships and love come in all different forms and that is why we truly have something for everyone. Whether you’re single and on a self-love journey, in a fun new relationship, or married for 50 years...We know that sex toys are amazing tools to help cultivate and enhance intimacy.


Written by Jacee Niblett




We’ve picked 8 of the most popular toys from Calexotics, to help you decide on your next or first toy! Click to check out the top 8 sellers from CalExotics!









Erogenous Zones

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: your genitals are not the only part of your body with the capacity for pleasure … Our entire bodies are designed for pleasure! There are erogenous zones or “hot spots” throughout our whole bodies…




Written by Jacee Niblett



Dual Stimulation!

Studies show that for vulva-owners, penetration usually is not enough to achieve orgasm. This is partly why a lot of our customers seek dual stimulation toys, toys that can easily be used during penetrative sex, or a combo of toys to achieve vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Double the stimulation, double the pleasure and double the fun!


Written by Jacee Niblett



Air Pulsation Toys!

Air pulsation or Pleasure Air products are seriously changing the game when it comes to clitoral stimulation. They’re offering us a new, totally unique and effective experience. If you haven’t hopped on the wave yet … get on it. Here I’ll break down what they are and all of your wonderful options.



Written by Jacee Niblett



Tongue Toys!

There is a relatively new type of toy that has recently hit the market. They’re being put out by a couple different brands and they all are geared toward the same kind of stimulation; replicating oral sex for vulvas. They use suction, mechanical tongue flicking, and/or vibration to simulate sensations related to oral sex!


Written by Jacee Niblett



How to choose your first Vibrator...

Maybe you just want to try something new but you’ve never used a vibrator before! When you go to browse, there are just so many to choose from and you don’t even know where to start. I get this a lot. You’re not alone and this is where we come in!


Written by Jacee Niblett


Guide to Butt Stuff

Butt stuff is actually totally normal  and totally natural. Everyone has a butt! If you’re a human, anal sex is a fun and pleasurable experience available to you. If you’ve ever been curious - start here.



Written by Jacee Niblett


Partner intimidated by sex toys?

If we look at toys for what they are (objectively) we can see that they only exist to aid and enhance our sexual experiences. Let’s detach all of these unnecessary stigmas and start prioritizing our pleasure!



Written by Jacee Niblett


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